6 College Street

I snapped this photo of The Irish Yeast Company as I walked past it quickly on the day I arrived in Dublin, it is just across from Trinity College. I was captured by its vintage charm and the beautiful font on the signage. I decided to walk by the following day and perhaps catch it open so I could chat with the keeper and find out more. Unfortunate, it was closed , and only opens 3 afternoons pre week!

The front window is a clutter of dusty baking tins and cake decorations and many hand made signs with descriptions and prices.

Seems the shop opened in early 1900's and in fact did yeast wholesale.

In the early war years when the country still depended on England for yeast and the government feared bread shortages if a local alternative wasn’t found, The The Irish Yeast Company. If you don't find it open, you can get pierced or tattooed next door!

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