你好 = h e l l o


So, not such a bad journey. The flight was 9 hours from London, departed Heathrow at 5:30pm arrived Beijing at 9:30am. We had a guide meet us at the gate and get us to the hotel, which was a great idea. The airport is huge, actually in 2 parts one is where the planes land and then you tram over to the luggage/customs building. The poor Indian woman in front of me had a long going over, but after her, i got right through.

Hotel is super nice! This is a view from window (if you want a peek...http://chao-sanlitun-beijing.hotels-beijing-ch.com/zh/. Yes, that is HOOTERS down below!

Had a great veggie lunch at hotel (yes they had options and I didn't see chicken feet or duck lips on the menu, will have to wait till tomorrow for that), a good nap. A bit bummed as they have a nice pool, but it is outdoors and its very cold. Temps here are about the same as in RI!

Off to dinner!


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