kao ye

Crazy night! We got invited to the Austrian Embassy for a cocktail party. Our host got wrong directions from the desk and he ended up at the AUSTRALIAN Embassy, we did in fact make it to the Austrian Embassy. It was pretty cool, uniformed guards outdoors. There was a classical vocalist and piano for entertainment. After that, Miss Linda took 4 of us out for duck, well they had duck, i didn't. I guess it was Beijing Duck but maybe it was Peking duck.??!! Anyway, I was happy to find it was a place that I had on my list called Duck de Chine.

1949 The Hidden City (Sanlitun) Gallery 49 Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu, Beijing, China (Beijing Workers' Sports Complex)

+86 10 6501 8881

It is close to where we are staying. The entry is flanked by giant wooden soldiers. You then walk thru a gallery, then a courtyard to reach the restaurant. A gong is run when the duck arrives at the table. It was carved table side by a guy with a mask on! Everyone said it was outstanding. I ate all the sides...an okra dish, a tofu dish, a "fungus" dish and a few others. For dessert we had a cold mango pudding and these tiny duck shaped cakes that were filled with the most delicious sweet bean paste.

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