GREAT Mall of China!!!

A group of us were invited to visit the Great Wall with Ms. Linda Davis. We would travel by bus with driver, about 3 hours! We got a late start, as it happens with group traveling. We started out by getting the van stuck under a concrete overpass - oops, no sign! We had to reverse out to un-wedge. Little damage to roof so on our way.

Be the time we arrived it was getting dark so we opted for the night tour. The wall is illuminated by lanterns at night - a very beautiful image. - the wall is the tiny line of lights above.

As you might know the Wall is 5500 miles long and in no longer one continuous wall. There are 3 main entry points , we chose the newest : Gubei Water Town in Miyun.

This point is an amazing stone village (replica) Qing Style. This town possesses an old-fashioned simplicity and elegance. Row upon row of houses, old quartzite streets and long Hutongs show the style and features of the old town. River channels are scattered between streets; houses near the river are bathed in sunlight. The village covers about 4 miles - so one has to park and take a series of shuttle and walks to get to the tram. The tram carries you up to the wall , then it is about 30 minutes to get to the wall, but only a limited part of the wall as it was dark now and the Chinese do not believe in hand rails!

Good luck "tags", they call them "lanterns" but there is no light!!!!!

our gang!


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