Forbidden City

Crazy day of adventure today was.

We took an early morning taxi to the Forbidden City. A crazy man demanded that we needed to hire him to be our tour guide.

This is a cute dog with man looking over the Forbidden City moat. First dog in coat I have seen. (also spotted a French Bulldog today!) I am told pet dogs are new here. They can only be walked at certain hours of the day.

We spent 2 hours in the Forbidden City. (will post more on that tomorrow) It was breathtaking and unbelievable!

This guy was taking a Chinese tourist - costumed in fake Imperial robes for a souvenir picture.

Lots of cool bikes, or should I say things on wheels.

Rental bikes are the way to get around. They are EVERYWHERE! The problem is it takes forever to download the apps to use them. The first one i rented had a bent front tire, no problem I thought, then realized it was missing its pedals! Welcome to China!


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