very unhealthy!

The only downside of Beijing is the pollution! I was advised to download and app. called Asian Air Quality and check it daily. Today was by far the worst!

So when the air quality index is 280 like yesterday, by 3 in the afternoon it feels like an elephant is sitting on your chest and you start to loose your voice and you get tired. I really should get a mask! We have been advised that when the air gets this bad it is best to stay inside and do things like visit a museum - there the air is filtered. (but you actually have to GET to these places, which mean you have to breathe the air to get there or contribute to the pollution by getting a taxi! )

They say they have moved the polluting factories outside of the city, but it doesn't seem to have made and impact. A woman I met last evening says the air quality index

has been as high as 600!

I feel bad for the long term impact!


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