Black Sesame Kitchen

Today was our first cooking class!

We rented bikes and had a 30 minute ride to a private"restaurant" off a little hutong (we are talking back ally... hanging laundry... birdcages!

"Coco" met us outside, adorable young lady, spoke excellent English!

The goal: to learn some skills recipes and secrets of why it tastes so good.

We were happy to find out the other 4 chefs were stuck at the airport so private lesson for us.

We cooked Wok Fried String Beans (Ganshao Biandou), Mapo Tofu (mapo doufu) and Kungpao Chicken & Kungpao Tofu.

So the most interesting thing we learned today was the Sichuan Spices - specifically Sichuan peppercorns - (I have never tasted this, and not sure if it is even sold in America!) It is used to infuse hot oil and produces a numbing /"ma" flavor. IT IS AMAZING - not a spicy hot like the peppers we know of. Coco tells us it is illegal in some places because of the effects it creates.

The class was about 2 hours, of course we ate almost all of the food we prepared.


not ingredients! courtyard cats


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