Happy Halloween Nanjing!

I am not sure how Halloweeney they get here in Nanjing China, but I have seen some jack-o-lantern decorations,a sign with a halloween cupcake on it and a black (and white) cat in the letter "O".

It is evening here in Nanjing China. Today was a clearish day The sun seems to be always obstructed by a slight screen of smog but NOTHING topped Beijing smog.

Nanjing is a city of (7 million) I am in the newer part, which looks a lot like Houston, Texas. Extra wide roads (4 lanes each side) Intersections are the size of football fields.

The hotel is called the Fairmont - 61 floors, super slick, over-the-top. The lobby features a creepy candy apple red player piano which sometimes plays Ave Maria and oversized light towers. The courtyard is a 40 stories tall and the elevator runs up and down as the walls slowly change colors (no, I am not on drugs!)

When a guest walks towards the elevator a staff person appears to press the call button! I love Chinese service... the way the Chinese people hand you things - the object is held in two hands, like a sacrifice… I think the translation is... “presenting you the return of your Sacred credit card, SIR!”! (...weird)

Toured the Memorial of the NanjingMassacre & Museum today, another part of world history that we never learned about… Dec. 16, 1932 Japan tried to occupy Nanjing (then called Nanking) by killing everyone in their way +20,000 residents -and then buried them in mass grave which was discovered while they were building their new subway. The memorial museum is beautiful, with sculptures and artifacts, very professionally presented.

Then on to Purple Mountain (sounds like an anime location) Significant as it is a beautiful park and the location of Imperial Tombs of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Legend has it previous emperors buried gold in the mountain for some reason I cannot figure out at this point.(perhaps another blog posting in future)

Climbed about a million steps to Sun Yatsen Mausoleum. (not my trip highlight)

Then on to Confucian Temple Area. Which is now a shopping area with red lanterns everywhere. There are some canals and boats and lots of tourist junk to eat and trinkets. Fun people watching in the old city

Off tomorrow via Chinese Speed Train to Shanghai. The journey will be only about 2 hours at speeds of 300mph, if that is possible.

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