speed train to Shanghi

Advised to take first class travel (less people= better views) for this 2 hour journey... $70!

Speed trains are a very popular way to travel in China nowadays, but were not so popular 7 years ago when they first came to China. Arrived at the biggest train station I have ever been in, very spacious and organized.


Inside the train car looks like a Jetsons space mobile, only 5 seats, fully reclining, so far I have been offered a bottle of water, a box of cookies, a blanket and slippers!

The train has a few stops which is good as the train goes slow enough for me to capture some photos.

Will be in Shanghi for 4 days and excited to see their French and Jewish quarters. Also planning to do some Airbnb excursions which will include a dumpling making class and a Tai Chi class with a master!


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