Shanghai: people 7, temples, fashion and a dog.

Shanghai is truly amazing - not at all what I expected. It has the feels like the most modern Chinese visited yet -much like Montreal vibe... modern, super fashionable, high end stores (Tiffanys, Prada, Gucci, Burberry…) and amazing restaurants, architecture and shops

Staying at the Puli Hotel and Spa - super swank, super luxurious 16th floor, park view. This is the hot tub in the gym! Trying to swim daily in the pool!

entrance @ People 7

Dinner at People 7 - so someone in Beijing recommended this place...

First we needed to enter a passcode to enter the restaurant (which entails putting your hand into holes shaped like a telephone pad to press the position of the number password of the it's #59!))

This activates a a hidden panel, which slides open to the entrance. The place is very dark and theatrically lit. Food is “curated” things delivered in bowls made of ice, roasted ginkgo nuts served in a box of salt, my drink had a slice of lime coated in sugar, which was flaming! DRAMATIC! There is a secret bamboo forest out the back windows, which i forgot to view!

Roasted Ginko nuts!!

The toilets are in a maze of doors, some doors lead to full mirrors (which you foolishly walk into) others to actual toilets , however the doors hinge on the same side as the knob, so it takes a bit of thinking to get in! CRAZY!

Jing'an Temple ( 静安寺) is just across the park from me. It was built in 247AD relocated in 1216, it was later converted to a plastic factory but in1983 was returned back to a temple. In is a gold shinny gem SMACK in the middle of the city - now surrounded by skyscrapers and boutiques. Still a working temple, amazing to see in amongst the busy city setting.

Ofo is one of the many bike rental outfits. They are yellow and everywhere. You download the app, scan your bike , ride to where ever and drop & lock, where ever. Bike rental ride brought me all about town, so many great areas including the French Consession and the Bund, which is a river walkway, with the worlds most amazing skyscrapers as a backdrop!

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