FridaY in the Park

This morning I spent about an hour in a Shanghai city plaza, just outside a fitness club. There were groups of mostly ladies practicing Tai Chi, well maybe Tai Chi-ish group dance fitness class. Adorable! A woman and man led the class and the agent coordinated to orchestral march music from a mini red boom box! Communist beauty at its best! Because city apartments are so small (in Beijing many people had NO private toilets OR kitchens in their homes!) Outdoor exercise is the only option. Seems the park is also a place where grandma takes their grand kids to hang out and play. I met a few locals , all very friendly and said hello (Nǐ hǎo <KNEE HAAO> and they were happy to have their photos taken! Beautiful children!

yes, having a pee!

#shanghai #children #parks #taichi


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