Yuyuan Tourist Mart

koi pond at 9 turnings bridge

In my passion to collect more junk, I wanted to find a Chinese flea market, to buy some unusual stuff for my collection. The hotel suggested the Yuyuan Tourist Mart and recommended we go by taxi. (Being a seasoned Chinese traveler I am now getting around the city on bicycle) but I decided to heed advice and took a cab. Should have taken the bike - traffic and traffic! I was let out in a huge tourist trap which was once perhaps part of the old city, amazing architecture. Thousands of mostly Chinese tourists and every few minutes a Chinese lady would pop up to offer her watches , which were actually only pictures of watches.

Fried everything! dumplings! and lots of crap.

All kinds of treasures are located in this small area that was once a walled enclave of Chinese-only when Shanghai was divided into foreign concessions

In the center of the market is the Huxingting Tea House - the stately floating structure sits outside the gardens in a pond and is accessed by the "nine-turning bridge". You can actually go inside and have tea but most people just opt for a photo in front.

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