6th Senses

After 2 weeks of discovering China cities, decided best to try a week in the country. Lady Davis suggested the Six Senses in the Qing Cheng Mountains.

Departed Shanghai on Sunday for a 3 hour flight to Chengdu, which is West, towards central China. From there an hour by taxi to the Six Senses. (cab driver, attached by headphones and ON the phone, screamed at me for eating a banana in the cab - as we swerved between highway lanes!)

The landscape has dramatically changed, in the mountains now! Birds are singing, and some other strange noises from the bamboo - i think cats! It is very foggy this morning. I hope fog and not smog. The ginkgo trees are starting to turn gold. The Chinese have a thing for gold - they say it such a very beautiful time to see the trees gold, and it is. (Now I understand the leaf peepers coming to New England - the things we take for granted!)

This place is also fantastic and so far holds up to its name as it truly has appealed to all of my senses and it has only been 15 hours! It is played out as resort compound - about 120 rooms set up like a village (the Chinese LOVE their villages!) I am reminded of survivor as there is lots of bamboo - room key is bamboo and tokens are in hand printed linen pouches - lots of attention to detail. There are 3 restaurants (Thai, Chinese and Farm2 Table, a coffee house, tea house, snack house, pool house, spa house. The is an organic garden on site as well as a RICE PADDIES.

I have a few excursions still in the works and plan to do more cooking classes!

#QingChenMountain #Chengdu #spa #nature


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