cooking class #2

Cooking class # 2 at 6th Senses was very different than the first experience at Beijings Black Sesame.

This place was much more formal. Most of the ingredients were prepared and at one point one of the staff asked if we actually want to cook!? YES!!!! One of our translators took pics throughout the evening and I have not yet received them but I took a few when I was not slaving over the wok! Of course they have a special cooking classroom here which is in the back of the main kitchen - amazing to walk thru the kitchen operation and see it clean as can be! A private back door brings up into a private garden and then into the private dining/classroom kitchen.

It is off season here, so very few guests...many staff!

Language is a bit of a challenge here., We had on chef and 4 staff helping us translate thru the class.

The recipes for the class are neatly prepared however many of the ingredients are missing from the list.

When I ask what the mysterious ingredient I just saw get sprinkled in... she points to "salt" - THAT WAS NOT SALT!!!!


Towards the end of the class the Executive Head Chef, a nice guy from Turkey, can in to assist us with translation.I am presented with packets of dried green and red szechuan peppers! SCORE!!!



1.Qing Cheng local greens with extra virgin olive oil


2. Sautéed celery, lily bulb and black fungus


3.Traditional Sichuan mapo tofu (Vegetarian)


4. Sautéed bitter bamboo shoots


5. Boiled choy sum in salty soup (BOK CHOY)

6. Sea bass with chopped peppers and fresh sczhewon peppers

for dessert a flourless chocolate cake with homemade raspberry sorbet with fresh fruit and tiny meringues the size of chocolate chips in a puddle of chocolate!

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