Just returned to London after a long 12 hour flight! Excited to be in London but a bit jet lagged and another exciting city to wake up in!

My British Air vegan meal was actually a large hunk of chicken meat! "oh.... sorry.... would you like the fish instead?"...:( Anyway, a few more posts about China, from London.

Friday night, the final Chinese cooking class. We figured cooking class was only a tad bit more expensive than ordering off menu and with a class we would get to choose some favorite dishes, and we would get lots of it, and we would have a personal chef and staff to translate!

For this class we requested the following: Black Fungus with Sichuan pepper (black fungus, we call mushrooms, are the curly black dried

Black truffle and local farm mushrooms

Fried lotus root with black fungus and gingko, Pan seared tofu stuffed with mushroom and bamboo shoots,, Sichuan kung pat shrimp, Shanghai noodles, and 2 dim sum dishes:

pan fried fresh corn pancake and finally,

steamed vegetable dumplings

For the dim sum dishes we were fortunate to have THE dim sum chef join us! (yes, they have a dim sum chef!)

Respect the dumpling! These things look so simple, but NOT SO! super hard to roll - the chefs rolled skins were perfection - a tad thick in the middle and they were effortlessly rolled into almost a bowl shape!


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