The final day in Chengdu I found the need to locate these brushes that were used to clean the wok, probably something I can get in Chinatown, but a nice thought to have. So, after many requests to see a market where "THE PEOPLE" shop - we find out there IS such a market, just a short taxi (of course) from the hotel. My, what a market!

bravo! $3 !

dried noodles

amazing veggies


be nice!!!

lots of meats

and animals soon to be meat!

As I mentioned , back in London, still jet lagged as it is an 8 hour difference!

May take another day or two to adjust.

Have not done much here, just a bit of cooking! Weather is cooler than China, but probably not as coldas where you are!

One last post from Shanghai lights and then on to London!


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