the bund

The Bund is the waterfront area of Shanghai, known for its tall buildings which are AMAZING! The real show happens at night when things get dark and the lights come on! The Chinese are masters of lighting these structures...with no holes barred! Its funny, the old city on one side has a very "yellow" glow and the Bund is like a rainbow! This is one of the places you may have seen on TV as the first New Years eve fireworks*

Final night in Shanghai - 11th floor overlooking this craziness!

This blue building on the right in basically covered by an LED screen - so it works like a giant TV - the images constantly change, I saw it covered this advert, then flames, then flowers and hearts! really fun!

* a stampede occurred on December 31, 2014, at 11:36 p.m. in the waterfront. At least 36 people were killed and 47 injured in the incident. The primary incident took place near Chen Yi Square, where a large crowd, estimated at around 300,000, had gathered at the bund for the new year celebration, well, not so fun! So long China, hello LONDON!


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