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I was fortunate while in China to be invited to the home and studio of Mr. Shao Fan Yu Han , acclaimed Chinese artist.

He and his beautiful family hosed a small group of us for a special hot pot lunch feast, tea ceremony and wonderful (translated) conversation.

Their home is located outside Beijing in an artists community. The government build these special houses for artists. The rooms are huge, by American standards, cast concrete/brick with mostly glass walls, lots of courtyards and connection pavilions. I think they had 2 units, connected.

meditation room

There was a rabbit courtyard, rabbits are the subject of his latest works, a secret meditation room, apricot and pepper trees!

The home if full of gorgeous personal Chinese antiques and collections, along with the artists work beautifully displayed. His wooden eyelash was my favorite piece/

For dinner we had hot pot -

beautiful table offering!

an individual cooking pot of boiling water infused with some spices, you basically pull some of the fresh offerings from the center lazy susan, cook them to your liking and eat them. I had to be careful as some of the selections were scorpions, pigs ears, blood tofu and various raw meats and fish. I sat next to son Yabo who helped me with the veggie options.

Shao Fan wife, a tea master, has a beautiful collection of antique jars in which she stores her teas,

meticulously labeled. Following dinner, she prepared tea for us and served it with dried persimmons and a pineapple moon cake!

kids height progress at meditation room door

seeds in lucite

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