Prince of Wales pool, Kentish Town. London

Over the past 2 weeks in London I have been trying to keep to my swim routine.

Each of the London boroughs have a number of pools - some better than others. So far I have been to Hollaway Pool, Cally Pool and Prince of Wales Pool, the best in my opinion and newest is this one in Kentish Town. It was beautifully renovated, and is very clean and only £5. (not as clean as the Brown pool, but close!)

I assume the fascination with pools must be a hold over from when England homes had no showers and people had to use the pools as bathhouses, but thats just what I imagine.

So , how do the British make this activity fun and British you might ask? Well first off, they don't have fast, medium and slow lanes, instead, they have clockwise and counterclockwise lanes. I am not sure why they offer both. I figured if they drive on the wrong side, they should swim on the wrong side...NO?There are many slow simmers here, very polite slow swimmers, who say "SORRY" when I swim into them.

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