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What are you thankful for?

From my cyber friend at Living Life Fully...

Gratitude is a lesson that needs to be reinforced often. It is too easy to overlook the gifts you have when you focus on those that you hope to obtain, and you diminish the value of where you currently are on your path if you do not pause often to appreciate it. A second way to experience thanksliving is to give thanks ahead of time for whatever good you desire in your life. Feel as if you have already received this good. You help create your outer life according to the way you have created your inner life--with thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. Reminding ourselves and others of the importance of gratitude is something that we need to do constantly. In doing so, we keep our perspective healthy and productive and constructive, rather than allowing ourselves to become sick and destructive. A person who feels gratitude for someone else's service will provide positive feedback to that person, thus helping both of them.

Today is my 39th day of travel.

I am thankful for...

1. my excellent health

2. this travel experience, old friends, my new friends and the family members who helped to make this journey a reality.

3. a wonderful mom, who I chat with every day and who would be, today, standing at a giant stainless steel bowl filled with stale bread to be transformed into amazing stuffing as she checks on the biggest turkey in the oven, Macy's day parade blaring on the TV.

Today I will be joining friends for a traditional American Thanksgiving, It will be hosted by friend Shelly in her amazing loft with a view and I am sure delicious food. Unfortunately the stuffing will never be like moms! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

#Thanksgiving #Turkey


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