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This post for Lisa and all my biking friends..

London is a bicycle city.! It is 100+ square mile bigger than NY, so even with busses, over ground, upper ground , taxis and uber and walking - it is tough to get somewhere fast (and cheap!) Bicycles are the answer and it seems London is trying to make them work. First off there are "almost free" bikes, Ofo and MoBike I think are the best - you download the app and put in your credit card info, locate your bike (via the app). adjust the seat, scan the bar codeine the bike...the bike unlocks and your off. When your done, you lock the bike (WHERE EVER!) lock the bike and your off. It costs 50 pence (about 60 cents/per half an hour ride)

The only downside is lack of helmets and something to hold your gps!

The city also had developed an amazing web of bike paths through the city which makes the rides pleasant and avoids the globs of traffic and busses, but promotes parks, canals and gardens!

This was my ride today, on my way to the pool, along the canal!

The Brits have of course solved the "stairs" issue, the are very good at design here.

Most all stairs have a modified bike gutter to make up the stairs easier.


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