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Kings Cross -St Pancreas is my new neighborhood.

For readers of Harry Potter (thanks Wendy!) Kings Cross Station is where the schoolboy hero boards the train for Hogwarts.. The railway station has put up a sign for the fictional “Platform 9 3/4” described in the books, and buried a luggage trolley halfway into the wall. Film adaptations have used platforms 4 and 5 for some scenes.

Back in the day when I lived in London,Kings Cross (late 80's) was pretty dodgy...a red light district - lots of crime and prostitution. Golly, it has had a rebirth and is now one of main London HUB’s and most desirable neighborhoods.. Most all trains (underground and above, including the Eurostar) leave from here. In addition, it has attracted headquarters of Google, Nike and You Tube ... and all the crap that goes with that (Starbucks, farmers market, over priced restaurants and boutiques)

The development I am in a private / gated development called Ice Wharf... The flat is on the canal - and a highly sought after houseboat mooring. The canal also has a beautiful foot and bike path, so a fun and easy get around the city.

houseboats below, on canal (note: I am NOT living on a houseboat!!0

Not sure of square footage of this place, but big for London standards...2 bedrooms (get your requests in early, it will be busy!) , 2 baths (unheard of in London) and open,super nice kitchen, living & dining area and best feature i think is the huge deck - so some gardening will be done! (the geraniums are still blooming here!)

New Address: send letters, not packages!

275 Ice Wharf

17 New Wharf Road


new phone: +44 07763587897

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