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Recommendations and advance booking helped to get Christmas Eve lunch table at Babel Restaurant at Babylonstoren.

Babylonstoren is vineyard and winery on farm estate and one the the first farm-to-table restaurants. The Mediterranean climate allow them to grow just about everything they offer on their the menu. The grounds also house a bakery (bread with a head of garlic baked into...one of everything...please), tea house, a spa & farm hotel and the most beautiful gardens i have seen is a long time. Every stop has bowls of ice water with plums floating in them. Guests are encouraged to taste...they are in season.

My main focus being the food..

Starter was a RED salad - peek summer here so blood orange salad with fermented beetroot sticks, candied rhubarb, bronze fennel, garden fennel, radish and a drizzle of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry mustard and poppyseed dressing!

Soup was the creamiest cream .. a warm cauliflower soup with lightly smoked artichokes and a dollop of savory gorgonzola ice cream!!! BEST SOUP I EVER HAD!

Main course was a Grilled mushroom bay leaf skewer with Persian sauce and green olive tapenade sides of roasted potatoes, carrots, scallions and red cabbage. Dessert SWEET was a chocolate and citrus fondant with blood orange salt!

Here are some pics from the garden...


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