Cape of Good Hope

Good Hope a good place to reflect on the new year!

Happy New Year readers!

Yesterdays adventures brought me to the Cape of Good Hope, which is the south most part of the Cape Peninsula which thankfully all part of a national park. The drive down was about an hour and a half from Cape Town. I am getting good at Cape Town driving the little KIA with a stick shift on the wrong side of the road! Some of the towns by now are familiar as I have passed thru earlier in the week ...Simons Bay & Fish Hook.

The drive from the entry gate was crazy with clouds flying by and mountain peek after peek. Lots of "beware of baboon" signs, but no sightings. It takes about 30 minutes to drive to the point, from there you are on foot out to the lighthouse.

This point was the windiest, spectacular views for the point which is where the Atlantic (cold) and Indian ( warm) oceans collide! This "collision" of tides is not visual (as some say) but it does create the micro climate of Cape Town.

On a side note, it is supposed to rain today which I am excited about. It is probably not news there but there is a major drought here - they tell me it has not rained in about 3 years here!

Some swimming pools are closed, the hotel as removed all bathtub drain plugs, no water on restaurant tables and most restrooms offer Purel (only) as your hand wash option.

Happy New Year, keep warm, and drink a big glass of water and be thankful for that!


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