Fun day today! I met up with some old friends - Thats Guy Sullivan (left) and Ashley Ragg (right).

I met Guy in 1986 - when I lived in London, after RISD. He still lives in London, is an amazing bartender, and manages a pub. I met Ashley when I lived in Brooklyn (1989?) He is visiting from Australia. We were laughing about how we were friends pre technology and have remained friends for almost 30 years!

We reunited in SOHO at The French House, a cozy pub which was frequented by Francis Bacon amongst other cool artists and thinkers. Lots of amazing energy still vibrating from the walls! From there we moved on to Gay Hausser - one of the old style restaurants , Hungarian food. It was sort of let wing hang diners included T.S. Eliot amongst other thinkers. A London institution and I ate an amazing vegan Goulash!

Tomorrow is my first ceramics class!


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