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Sorry about the infrequent posts but trying to settle into London. Pool membership...check, library card...check, bank account...check. NO SNOW HERE!

Trying to learn this city via bike. Bike routes are on an app and help to get me to my destinations with minimal auto/bus/truck confrontations! Yes, have a helmet!

This weekend is Lumiere London - a festival of light installations throughout London

Here are a few that are just outside my door!

Lampounette, a surreal take on the area’s corporate environment (Google, YouTube here)mwhich pays homeage to the iconic office desk lamp, but in giant size.

Waterlicht a dream-like seascape by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde which explores the power and poetry of water by shooting wavy purple light waves thru a giant outdoor plaza night sky.

Ceramics have begun! but I realize 1 class (2.5 hours per week) is not enough time. I went to check out membership at Turning Earth Studio, a bit of a bike ride, but worth it, and the space is amazing!

So much great street food and markets. This was the Bloomsbury Thursday Farmers Market!

Off to Bratislava tomorrow! Where the hell is that ? you are probably asking.?.. It is the capital of Slovakia (formally Czechoslovakia) Expecting to see Soviet architecture, eat Carpathian food and try to pronounce words with too many Z,R and V's. Vienna just an hour away!


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