Quick flight from London to Vienna. From there a short drive thru beautiful farm fields with giant wind turbines - they slowly spin so poetic and futuristic.

Bratislava is beautiful and strange. The capital of Slovakia, not to be confused with Slovenia. Formally it was Czechoslovakia, or Czecho-Slovakia!

The Danube rivers spits the city in 2. 700,000 people live here, although you would never know it, it seems pretty quiet, which is a nice change from London. It is cold here , and snowing. The city has a very old communist feel to it, yet other parts of the city have fine example of Baroque architecture and charming squares.

So far food has been delicious (story of these travels). Lots of goulash, beet root everything, cheese foods and hearty meat dishes, managing to find some delicious non meat options. Not a good place for vegans!

Best meal yet at Barok, highly recommend bistro out in the middle of nowhere. The chef Peter Slacka has traveled and cooked all over the world, and his menu reflects that, with a solid base of traditional Slovakian dishes. The most creamy Beetroot hummus topped with a ribbon of shave beet, served with a beet pita! Some sort of fennel gyoza topped with crispy onions, and a cloud thin crispy crust filled with a pillow of local cheese.... so amazing! going back tonight!

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