I went on a fun adventure today into Vienna. From Bratislava it involved a bus, a tram, a walk, another bus and another walk! Desitination was the Guggins Museum (and gallery) formally The Maria Gugging Psychiatric Clinic is one of the most important exhibition houses for “outsider art” or Art Brut (art without academic background,as they call it Vienna).

Amazing works on exhibition by August Walla, Oswald Tschirtner, Johann Hauser and Heinrich Reisenbauer

Unfortunate, the Guggins has a dark history of abuse and even extermination during the Nazi regime. But, In the late 1950’s resident psychiatrist Leo Navratil (1921-2006) had his patients produce drawings for diagnostic purposes… thus the beginning of this amazing movement. In 1970’s, the first exhibition of the "Gugging Artists" took place in a Vienna gallery. Thereafter, the "Gugging Artists" were frequently presented in galleries and museums.

In 1994, David Bowie and Brian Eno visited the Guggins psychiatric hospital and interviewed and photographed its patients, who were by now famous for their art. Bowie and Eno brought some of that art back with them into the studio as they worked together on “Outside” ,which I will listen to tonight!

Nuf history, the work was fascination and gorgeous!

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