Arts For All

I got a bit lost today, so this piece spoke to me. It is a collage of a London map decoupaged to a table. The collage table was designed by Naz, a new friend I met today while volunteering at Arts for All. This amazing program run by a gal named Caroline Barlow.

She stared the program over 15 years ago and it is still running on a shoe string budget.

The clients ranged in age, but all adults.

I was late arriving (lost), Caroline had prepared a roasted chicken and chips for lunch. After lunch, we celebrated Kevin's birthday with a birthday cake. Mike insisted on carrying it out (thats him in the white t-shirt)

Kevin was very friendly and chatty and was excited to show me a photo of his girlfriend, Linda, which he had proudly stored on his phone.

After cake it was sort of free form, some folks continued to make art projects, but most all opted for BINGO!

First the "prize store" had to be set up, candy, DVD's, jewelry, and cans of Coke? We played Bingo until everyone got a prize!

The program finishes at 3pm, and then the room is converted for after school care for little kids!

Here is some of the work they create. I think Caroline needs some help promoting this beautiful work!

Flowers by Deb

Naz at work

Michael Jackson, by NAZ


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