this week in London


I bought this box of Marmalade Oranges. I had never seen them in our stores before and didn't know marmalade was made from a specific orange.

The Seville orange is also called a bitter orange/sour orange/marmalade orange and is a hybrid between a pomelo (which I saw growing in China!) and a mandarin.

So these guys have more pectin than your average orange.

The Seville orange—when preserved in sugar — is the principal ingredient in traditional British marmalade, reflecting the historic Atlantic trading relationship with Portugal and Spain, makes sense! The earliest recipe for 'marmelat of oranges' dates from 1677.

I am not a big consumer of jams but decided to give it a go.

It was lots of work with finding cheese cloth, scraping plinth, cutting skins, boiling for hours and cleaning lots of sticky mess, but it came out delicious!


I took a bike safety course. It was offered free by the borough of Islington to promote

safe biking around London. The class was 1:1 and lasted 2 hours.

We started with the basics and moved on to actual road tests.

I really learned alot most importantly to be confident and learned to turn around often!

Here is my favorite face of the week, shopping at Waitrose!

MONDAY was auction day!

There is a great auction house in Islington, they preview on the weekend and the auction is at 3pm on Monday - it is live on you tube if you want to preview go here

if you want to bid on you tube go by phone go here

I passed this car on Thursday, the poor guy had this car in pieces and the street was covered

in motor oil. I cannot image it ever got put back together!


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