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I have been spending a good amount of time at grocery stores looking at new (for me) ingredients and what to do with them. I had a fun time with the Seville oranges and marmalade and now I need to yet to figure out the "flours" (plain, self rising, whole wheat, stone ground wholemeal, superfine plain, strong wholemeal, malted brown bread flour...) and the "creams"( double cream, single cream, clotted cream, whipping cream...)

My opening photo is what is left of my Chocolate Guinness Cake. I had seen it offered in a coffee places and cafes around London, but had never tried it. It is rich, very moist chocolate cake with cream cheese icing - the icing is suppose to reference the creamy "head" on a Guinness.

Here is the recipe I followed.

This is my first "no knead" bread loaf I made here in London. It tasted as amazing as it looks. The tricky part of this recipe is calculating your baking time as it takes 18 + hours to rise and when it is time to bake, it is time to bake... this one called for a midnight baking! I blended a bit of stoneground whole meal in with the white (the recipe discourages this!)

Finally, roasted chick peas. This recipe shared by friend Debora! They are seasoned with sumac and zaatar , so earthy and lemony!

(again, my local Arabic market had 6 different types of zaatar, I bought saatar halal... which is very different than the Jordanian zaatar I have from sister Linda.)

(soak your own dried chick peas, its easy!!)


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