Took a bus trip today to Oxford. an hour bus ride from London Marble Arch. Here are a few shot of this charming town, spires and gothic everything!

Some of the street and alleys...so picturesque

This college town had too many tourist, students and strollers for my liking. I came across this one guy busking with his sitar and, of course... his pet falcon!

The main purpose of the visit was see an exhibition at the Modern Art Oxford. A sweet little museum tucked in a back alley in Oxford. The exhibition was tapestries made by Swedish artist Hannah Ryggen (thanks for the heads up on the show Lynn! )

Self portrait

on the back " This portrait was make in 1914.

This is the first picture I have painted in oil

and the only self portrait I have ever painted.

I was 20 years old at the time"

Hannah was born in Sweden and married a Norwegian farmer in the 1930's and they settled in remote Norway to set up a life together. She raised a family there, a true homesteader. Trained as an artist and interested in weaving, he husband built her a loom. She hand dyed all her own fibers from natural materials (flowers, moss, urine!) . Her imagery referenced her home steading and political turmoil in her lifetime. Stunning work, so fortunate to have viewed it!

We and our Animals

What interested me most was the content of her tapestries and her use of natural dyes. She was also self taught and made no sketches for her designs, they were visions which she created free form!

Mother's Heart

Death of Dreams

We and our Animals

( detail)

6 October 1942 (Hitler)



Mr. Atomic

if you are as obsessed with Hanna as Lynn and I are, you can watch her documentary here.

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