Brick Lane

Back in 1986, I used to go to East End: Brick Lane, every Sunday. Back in the day it used to be a Sunday flea market: we are talking junk on blankets on the ground, sausages and onions & peppers grilling, bagel shops and food carts everywhere.

The area around Brick Lane in East London was once associated with poor slums and the scene of the crime for the Jack the Ripper murders. Enter gentrification!..

Most all has been replaced by fancy shops and loads of vintage clothing boutiques. Still peppered by a few good Bangladeshi restaurants and food markets.

Austin at Blackman's!

One constant: Blackman's, which was recently (unfortunately) renovated. Blackman's is the place to buy the cheapest Dr. Martins and Solovar boots - cash only!, no online sales! Here is a great video short on Blackman's.

Brick Lane still has some of the best street art around London. I love all the layering of wheat pasted images.


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