Happy Mothering Sunday

Today is Mother's Day on this side. It is actually called Mothering Sunday. (but they celebrate it "like" Mother's Day!) It is celebrated three weeks before Easter, the 4th Sunday in Lent. It is indeed the day when servants were allowed to go home to see their mums. In earlier days it was a celebration of "mother church" - there would be a celebration at the mother or principal church of a city. I know, it is all over the place... and thats the theme of this post. The week of cell phone camera shots. enjoy!

Amazing pink roses this morning at the Sunday Colombia Road Flower Market

This week I went to my first haberdashery! I found it at Shephard's Bush Market, basically a trailer full top to bottom with sewing notions, run by a beautiful African woman and her man friend. (yes, thank God! they still make Sewing Family Household Repair Needle Sets!) Does anyone ever sewed their mattress??

Another Pie & Eel Shop I have not yet eaten at!

Made a giant batch of my favorite homemade granola (modification of a Martha Stewart recipe), if you ask nicely i may share the recipe.

Obsessed by African batik fabric here. The patterns and color combinations are CRAZY! Sold only in 6 meter lengths! I've been making pillows and napkins with it.

My nephew Austin and his pal John visited this week. In between texting we saw Brick Lane, Camden Market and had some killer Indian Food.

A long bike ride on Saturday directed me to this beautiful road, oddly named Pottery Lane. (Very close, to where I used to live back in 1986!) Today it forms part of one of London's most fashionable and expensive neighbourhoods, but in the mid-19th century it lay at the heart of a wretched and notorious slumknown as the "Potteries and the Piggeries" Just one of the original brick kilns still survives.

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