Providence, Rhode Island

Back in beautiful Rhode Island for a week to catch up with friends and family, check in on Bainbridge and spend a week with sister Kathy, the ruler and puppet master! Return to London this evening!

Wyndham is very peaceful still with a strong loving presence of moms energy.

The Armory, bless it, still under renovation, such an amazing neighborhood landmark. I will buy it when I win the lottery!

Garden is waking up, so spring is not far away, people.!...CHIVES! (Lisa, help yourself!)

A scotch with Shirley as she tells us about meeting Frank Sinatra, JUNIOR, (again) love her stories, Kim being a good listener! Note the snowy owls in the background...thats her new "thing"!

A welcome new member of our family PEANUT! Thanks Lisa for a fun night, Helen's veggie DIE for, sister Kathy's says that was her first "dinner party"!

Ocean State Job Lot!! LOVE

#RhodeIsland #food #neighborhood


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