Arrived London on Saturday morning, an easy crossing 6.5 hours of flight.

Norwegian "delayed" my checked bag, they refuse to call it a lost bag LOST, hopefully returned today. Not bad, considering I have traveled 47,000 miles in the last 7 months without a luggage incident. I hope they don't find those house plant cuttings I have cleverly tucked in a shoe!

Visited Planet Organic to ease the jet lag re-hydration... love these can graphics, especially the orange... Gingerella!!!

First of the rhubarb was at my local farmers market - it officially spring!! this will become a crumble!

Green and yellow blooms this week!

t is interesting to see how far ahead London is in growing season, compared to our RI zone.

Next adventures will be from Madrid at the end of the week!

#London #food #jetlag #rhubarb


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