Rome: pasta making class

Train this morning to a sleepy little Medieval village called Palombara Sabina known for its castle,famous olive oil and a wild child named Chaira! The station was in the middle of nowhere, lush with wildflowers, wild poppies and borage!

There we were met by our friendly leader and teacher, Chaira.

She gathered us 9 and we vanned up to a mountain to the Palombra Sabina for a walking tour to the castle and surrounding town.

From there a short ride to Auntie house for class.

There we learned to make three classic traditional pastas: cannelloni (for me, a veggie version with mushrooms and peas!) , ricotta and spinach ravioli and fettuccina.

tips (or things I have been doing wrong!) : don't use oil or salt IN your pasta dough!

Different pasta types require different pasta thicknesses and drying times, so a pasta machine IS really necessary!

Pasta reacts to the weather, do be aware!

Organic ingredients ARE a must!

If your visiting Rome , this is a must do day trip: more info here:

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