the confessional

As a kid we had to go to confession every week and confess our sins. I think sometimes I made sins up because I was expected to be an awful human and had to be guilty about something. So we told the priest all the bad things we did, he listens, tells us to say a few prayer and our sins are magicallly absolved. So cool!

A confessional is a magic box, cabinet, or stall in which the priest in Christian churches sits to hear the confessions of penitents. It is the usual venue for the sacrament in the Roman Catholic Church. The confessional is usually a wooden structure, with a centre compartment—entered through a door or curtain—in which the priest sits, and on each side there is a latticed opening for the penitents to speak through and a step on which they kneel. By this arrangement the priest is hidden, but the penitent is visible to the public.

If you have ever wandered Rome will know there are churches everywhere! Usually, unimpressive from the front facade entry, but breathtaking on the inside.

I was fascinated with these little boxes. A box in which you can divulge your sins and they are absolved - a sin cleaning box! I was surprised at how many confessionals were occupied by waiting priests.


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