What have I been up to in London?

It has been a busy spring which feels more like summer temps! Things are blooming like mad. I just finished a 2 day intensive bee keeping course, to see how they do things on this side. Pleasantly surprised to see they take their bees very seriously.

Employment is falling nicely into place and will remain rather part time until September so I have a bit of flex for more mini travels. I have secured a part time ceramic teaching position for September. (will appreciate kiln access!)


Having lots of dinner parties has been alot of fun and a great way to meet new people. Everyone loves to eat home cooked food.!

new friend Koko, the cautious Basenji! A little Egypt in London.

Friend Neil stopped by for the weekend with lots of kind food gifts from Italy! (including 2 kilos of pasta flour!) We had a fun design charette brainstorming ideas for woman shoes. Check out his line: www.neiljrodgers.com.


Still inspired by all the delicious foods consumed in Rome and Madrid, I am cooking lots of

new (and some old) recipes.

Ingredients here are better tasting and more fresh, especially the fruits.

I found strawberries at the market ( i could smell them when I walked by them!) Immediately I thought...sorbet!

The best market is Sunday Farmers Market - all local seasonal produce from the countryside.

This week rhubarb, lots of cooking greens, salad

I have been fermenting red cabbage into saurkraut.


In between studios, I am still working ,now on the deck! I made a plaster plate mold and am making more dinner plates. It is messy working at home!

suck a lettuce??

this is the canal just outside.

and then there is all the Royal Wedding crap!

#London #food


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