24 hours in Reykjavik...

Greeting from Iceland. Despite the snow capped mountains I am told skiing is officially over.

Weather is cool in the 50's. could SEE my breath this am!

The days are long here... I took the phono below at 10:30 pm last evening!

Reykjavik is a sweet fishing town. The architecture is rather simple often finished with correlated metal finishes. Many of the buildings very modern, many look like straight from Dwell magazine. My guess is the winters are brutal

Harpa Music Hall and Conference Centre (above and below) is a new building and was designed in co-operation with Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. An amazingly structure made up of honeycomb colored glass pods and seemingly floating floors. Going to and opening there tonight!

There are a few very beautiful shops, but also lots of Nortic crap! Amazing bakeries!

Finding many amazing murals in the craziest places.

Eating out is crazy pricey, not sure how the locals afford.

#Iceland #Reykjavik #Nortic


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