Back in London

Returned to London this week with about 5lbs of foraged rhubarb from Videy island, Iceland!

Made this... (I did a GF version, I will try again and stick with the recipe!)

Here is the recipe

Guest this week visiting from NY. Sandy was visual consultant for the Talking Heads film Stop Making Sense, so fun to watch the film with her and her live director cut!

Went to the Freud museum, this is a photo if his most famous "couch" in the world!

found Freuds rose garden was far more interesting than the house!

Here are a few images from Iceland that I find inspiring... If you are planning to go Iceland I recommend 2 days in Reykjavik, 3 days to rent a car and see the amazing landscape. Book a room with a small kitchen so you can buy and prepare food as it is expensive and much the same everywhere.

Will be back in America on 24 June, a week in Tiverton and a week in Maine!

#London #Iceland #Freud #flowers #Rhubarb


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