Bartlett Island, Maine

After a week in Tiverton a fun visit with Jan and Eric en route to Bartlett Island, Maine.

Bartlett Island is a small island (30000 acres) just a short half mile boat ride off coast of Bar Harbor.

It is magical to me because it is untouched and has private beaches, rich forests and open pastures alive with crazy insect, birds, wild turkey and deer. Great names of the past inhabitants include Cordellia, Amariah, Hiram, Freelove and Valetta!

The island was named after Christoper Bartlett who coincidently hailed from Cumberland, Rhode Island and was in search of land to settle. He discovered the island (then called Hog Island) and brought back his wife Freelove Razee in 1785 and together they built a log cabin (crevices plastered with motor made from burnt clam shells) on the northeast part of the island near the shore. Here they raised 9 children!

low bush blueberries!

Observed so many varieties of mushroom, did not eat any!


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