Santa Fe, New Mexico

Yay Santa Fe !!! It hot! orange landscape, scraggy landscape, delicious food!

(about 18 hours of travel with transfers & 4931 miles from London!)

That is Camel Rock below, a cool, old school road side attraction. (it doesn't really look at all like a camel from this angle!)

Staying in an amazing ranch just outside of Santa Fe, which is for sale here, if you have a spare $600,000!

It's nice to be outside of it all in in an actual neighborhood.

The lanscape, plants and insects are amazing, all foreign to me. Being so high up in the mountains (7200 feet ABOVE sea level!) doesn't help with the jet lag.

Weather is hot in the day, but very nice cool evenings.

Most of the architecture is adobe, very stylized and distinctive. Gorgeous terra cotta color with

support beams protruding out as are extra wide drain spouts.

Hope to be doing some fun daytrips to sites and museums this week. Below is an image from Buffalo Thunder Flea Market., a good setting for a David Lynch film!

Lots of Mexican chachkas shops.


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