ode to Santa Fe

Airport time is the best time to edit and file photos, especially when the weather has cased you to miss your connecting flight back to London!

Santa Fe was the really interesting , lots of delicious food...except the frito pie, silly me thinking it couldn't possibly be made with frito corn chips...! (yes, they still make!)

Lots of vast open space, so diverse, desert, sculpted cliffs sometimes bright orange, other times layers of the most unusual hues, yellows, purples, blacks.

Visited 2 different spas, Ojo Client (bathed inlithe spring, iron spring, soda spring, arsenic spring, kiva spring and mud spring ) and Ten Thousand Waves, for the best Japanese Shiatzu massage I have ever had in my life!!!! I recommend both places, each a very different experience. Next time will try old school Jimez Baths!

It took a while to adjust due to jetlag and altitude. I feel I have a true understanding of the west, dry climates, and the dessert! People were so friendly and lots of real characters!

Check out this woman hat... LOVE THE ARROW!! for real!


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