Vienna from London

Back in London with a bit of a crazy schedule.

On Mondays I am teaching Art to 8 special adults at Workshop 305 in Wimbledon. On Thursdays, I teach food technology and Fridays ceramics to 13 year olds at North Bridge House Senior.

But ah Vienna! Stayed in near the Turkish area, so close to Naschmarkt, (yes, nosh market!)

The city has stunning grand architecture, amazing fountains, interesting shops and the best cafes with yummy cakes.

Pretty much ever herb and spice available.

This place was "THE cafe experience"

On and around the glorious architecture there are amazing pockets of graffiti, sticker art and public murals.

This was on all subways, faces were a bit haunting!

Love the use on plates on this building!

Yes, they do smoke, ALOT. Thankfully still have these beautiful old cigarette machines to dispense!

Amazing discovery!!! Organic pumpkin oil drizzled over ice cream, TRY IT!!!

#vienna #grafitti #architecture


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