Had a fun last Sunday with friends Koko and Nicky. We went to the Basenji dog show in Great Stuckeley! Really fun and realized just what a genius Christopher Guest is, i was AT Best in Show, UK Version!

Nicky decided to enter Koko into the show, at the last minute, on a whim, and she scooped up

pretty much all the ribbons! (granted, there were only 2 other dogs entered in those categories!)

This woman was my favorite character, her Basenji's had an exotic wild look. The owner, rather clumsy, with the biggest white shoes ever, 2 lefts, i do believe!

These were the 3!

This person was another favorite, a black and white. S/he clearly didn't walk her/his dog before the show!

Oh my!

This dog won BEST IN SHOW, the owner, a bit of a kook!

all of them!

#london #dogshow


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