Basel, Switzerland

This amazing city, with both French and German influences in architecture and food just so happens to borders both!!! in 15 minutes on train you can be in either!

The city is split by the Rhine River, which is an amazing force unto itself which divides the storybook looking city from what I call the "real people" city!

The old city very charming, so picturesque with its storybook architecture and cobbled stoned streets. It is the cleanest city ever, not seen any litter or graffiti.

The "other side" of the river is more where the real people live.

Great thrifting and of course for famously legal prostitution zones, which are marked on many street corners like this:

The official language spoke is German, but the main spoken language is the local Basel German dialect, most everyone speaks English, yes, even the prostitutes!

This city knows how to do up Christmas! Pine trees with lights are decking the streets and shop fronts. Plazas have been transformed into Christmas markets with mulled wine, and raclette cheese wafting.

Food has been amazing, the Swiss love their game meats and cheeses. Have not had a salad or dish without dairy for the past few days!

Lots of sitting/dining outdoors, blankets offered to keep customer warm. really a beautiful

sense of community.


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