Had a nice Sunday in Orford, England a few weeks back. Another sleepy sea side town, this one on the Suffolk coast and time has forgotten.

I told our host that i loved a rocky beach, she corrected me "we call it pebbles" - but they also call it shingle.

The beach is peppered with beautiful little wood shacks painted black. Most of which are seafood shops where the fishermen sell their goods, all closed for the season.

Looking from the beach to Orford Ness.

The island across from the beach, a manmade island, Orford Ness, is now a Nature Reserve and run by the National Trust.

Interesting history about it, in a nutshell it was previously a testing site for atomic weapons and research. More about's interesting history here. Pretty interesting and yucky history. I hope to return to visit the Nature Reserve which they open one day per week.

From the beach to the cute town and home of Pump Street Bakery. Besides the yummy baked good and amazing breakfast, they now focus on chocolates which have bread as aningredient ( like.. rye crumb milk and sea salt or brown bread!)

A cozy interior on cold British morning. Also close by is the quirky Orford Castle!


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