72 hours in Dublin

Meeting sister Ann and niece Erin for a few days in Dublin as we eat and drink our way thru this amazing homeland and visit a handful of relatives.

We are staying in Liberties, the south west part of Dublin, very much working class, home to Guinness brewery and so full of charm, old Dublin!

The tile above was part of a special floor of Jameson distillery - the holes were conduits for heat, which dried the barley, fascinating.

We went on the Jamesons distillery tour which was very interesting and delicious. The importance history of the distillery and the drink and of course a tasting. We learned the nuances between Irish Whiskey, Scotch Whiskey and American Whiskey, very informative!

Jameson Distillery, fascinating tour, really interesting...recommend.

Amazing breakfast at Brother Hubbard... thats cornbread, roasted corn and popcorn!

Amazing afternoon stop at Fallon and Byrne for some Irish groceries and of course for a cheeseboard and some wine!

Gorgeous women jetlagged!

Day 2, visit the relatives!


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