toilets in Japan

ah, so, ..Japan and toilets, apology as some of you are grossed about this subject...

So, it seems there are quite a range here from what you hear about and see in this blog post. and things you will never see in the United States.

So, sometimes, we have this.... hole in the floor, which is not quite unusual, nor ideal.

Then, quite contrary, the the high end model. heated toiled seat, wash your bum version which is pretty much everywhere...coming to a toilet near you!

so, top to bottom options...heated seat (amazing!) (deodorizer), then you get to choose the water pressure, the type of spray and if and when you want it to start! Some have a music option too ( disguise sounds!)

Today I came across the "recycler" the tank is a hand wash sink which collects the "dirty hand wash water" and dumps it into the tank for flushing. amazing!

Lets keep it clean people!!



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